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Q & A with Dr. Solis

We asked our Doctors questions our patients may have not known. Check out our Q & A with Dr. Solis.

Q. What city/town were you born?

A. Laredo, TX

Q. What High School Did you graduate from?

A. Martin HS Class of 95

Q. Was becoming Physician your first option?

A. Yes, ever since I can remember I wanted to become a doctor. Probably around 4yrs old.

Q. Were you nervous with your first official patient as a Doctor?

A. Not really, I took care of a gentleman that was away from his family and I would spend time at his bedside every day to talk not only about his condition but also to comfort him.

Q. To relax what are you hobbies?

A. Cooking and listening to music

Q. Is music important in your day to day work environment?

A. Yes, I love to listen to Alternative Rock and it gets me going during the day.

Q. What does LSMC mean to you?

A. LSMC is my family, I love it and cannot see myself without it. I joined the practice 10 years ago and each day has been a blessing. I feel proud to be a part of it and give back to the community I grew up in.

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