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Q & A with Dr. Potty

We asked our Doctors questions our patients may have not known. Check out our Q & A with Dr Potty.

Q. Was becoming a doctor your first option?
A. Yes, I always called myself one.

Q. What encouraged you to become a physician in medicine?
A. I did charity work after an earthquake hit and I knew I wanted and needed to help as many people as I could. 

Q. Were you nervous with your first official patient as a physician?
A. No, not at all. I treated my mother.

Q. To relax, what are some hobbies you do?
A. I enjoy painting and the saxophone.

Q. Is music important in your work environment?
A. Yes, I enjoy listening to reggaeton to get the energy in the work place going.

Q. What does LSMC mean to you?
A. At LSMC, I go to work with Love of my job, to Serve, Motivate, and have Compassion to my peers and patients. 

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