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LSMC Athlete Spotlight Ceremony

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LSMC Prepares for 2nd Annual Athlete Spotlight Ceremony

Planning for our second annual athlete spotlight ceremony is underway! Laredo Sports Medicine Clinic, in collaboration with the Laredo Lemurs and the Uni-Trade Stadium, is proud to announce our upcoming event honoring the recipients of the Athlete Spotlight recognition. Laredo sports Medicine Clinic recognizes outstanding athletes who excel in their given sport. Furthermore, LSMC features athletes who contribute greatly to their community through academic excellence, community service, and are an exemplary role model.

All athletes receive a plaque. Two high school graduating athletes will be honored with a $500 scholarship. As soon as the ceremony ends, you can enjoy light refreshments and delicious cake.

When the event concludes, Spotlight Athletes and their families will stay for the Laredo Lemurs game.  Additionally, the two scholarship recipients will get to start the game by throwing the first pitch.  Game starts at 7:05 pm.

Jacob Puig, Chief Executive Officer, says,

“Last year was our inaugural ceremony. This year, we are going to make it even better than the previous year. This ceremony is just a small token of appreciation for the athletes who positively reflect our community. We are extremely proud to be honoring these athletes who have overcome obstacles and accomplished so much! Also, LSMC thanks our community partners Uni Trade and the Laredo Lemurs for their continued support.”

We hope to see you at the LSMC night honoring our local athletes. The 2016-2017 season begins August 2016. In addition, you can nominate an athlete on our website. Please follow this link, Laredo Sports Medicine Clinic is changing orthopedic care in Laredo one athlete at a time. Let us help you get back in the game!

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