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September 2016 Spotlight Athlete Mathew Alexander Duron

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Laredo Sports Medicine Clinic is proud to announce our spotlight athlete for September 2016…Mathew Alexander Duron! Raised in an athletic family, Mathew has always been surrounded by sports. His love of sports would resonate with him so profoundly that he would end up joining not only one, but three sports.

Mathew would be introduced to his first sport, basketball, at the age of four. He vividly remembers his father teaching him the sport and instantly becoming fascinated by it. From that age on, he would continue to develop his skills as a basketball player. Fast forward to his teen years and his skill would earn Mathew a spot on the varsity basketball team where he would play as a guard. His hard work on the team would earn him the recognition of the 2015 – 2016 District 29-5A Newcomer of the Year Award. Basketball would also lay the foundation for him to want to branch out into other sports.

As an energetic youth inspired by basketball, Mathew found himself intrigued to try other sports. While still an elementary school student, our featured athlete then decided to give flag football a try. He would then transition to contact football at the age of eight.

Now a sophomore at Martin High School, Mathew has been the quarterback of his school’s football team since his freshman year. At the age of fourteen, Mathew’s coach saw something extraordinary in him. His coach had faith that Mathew could handle playing varsity football against his older teammates. Mathew rose up to the challenge and has exceeded expectations. Over the years, football has become his favorite sport.

On his accomplishments in football, Mathew says,

“My role on the football team transitioned from a receiver to a starting quarterback after the third week of the season. It was at that point I knew I had to be more of a vocal leader and lead my teammates by example despite being the youngest player on the team. After a season of hard work and competition, I was named the 2015 – 2016 District 29-5A New-comer of the Year. I also received the 2015 – 2016 Offensive Player of Year award.”

During Mathew’s middle school years, his aspirations in sports were unstoppable. With basketball and football already on his plate, he decided to give Track & Field a try. He has been active in this sport since his seventh grade year. His hard work and perseverance paid off when he earned a spot of the varsity track team as a freshman. He has most recently competed in the 4×100 meter relay, 4×200 meter relay, the 200-meter individual, and the high jump.

Despite his rigorous athletic schedule, Mathew considers himself lucky to not have suffered any serious sports-related injuries. He has, however, suffered minor sprains and a broken hand which temporarily took him out of games. He largely credits Laredo Sports Medicine Clinic for helping him overcome these minor injuries throughout his athletic career that have helped him stay in the game.

With football season kicking off at the start of his sophomore year, Mathew is working diligently for a successful season. His last class of the day involves weight lifting and conditioning. He, along with his teammates, practice hard four days a week for over three hours.

With the next few years of high school ahead of him, Mathew plans on spending them wisely. He hasn’t yet thought of what he would like to study in college, his goal is to make these next few years count. He does have a potential university in mind: Texas Christian University. He dreams of one day being a part of their prestigious football program. When asked if he would ever consider playing professional football, he says,

“Oh yeah, definitely.”

Despite his youth, Mathew has an attentive spirit that is mindful of working to accomplish his future goals. He is inspired by his older brother and father, who have helped mold him into the athlete he is today. When asked what his favorite quote is, Mathew said,

“Success has nothing to do with talent, and everything to do with effort.”

It is clear that Mathew’s efforts have brought him success. He describes himself as a humble, hard-working, and motivated student athlete that wants the best for himself and everyone around him. We at LSMC couldn’t be any prouder to acknowledge Mathew as September’s spotlight athlete of the month!

Congratulations, Mathew! We look forward to seeing your future accomplishments!

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