September 2015 Spotlight Athlete Ignazio “Nacho” Tellez

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September 2015 Spotlight Athlete Ignazio “Nacho” Tellez

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Laredo Sports Medicine Clinic is proud to announce our spotlight athlete for September 2015…Ignazio “Nacho” Tellez! Ignazio’s athletic story begins when he was a second grader at Fasken Elementary School. A curious boy ready to tackle the world, Nacho, as all his friends and family know him, would soon discover his passion for the game of football.

Nacho vividly remembers his first encounter with the game of football. He recalls sitting at his desk when Coach Garcia walked in to his classroom and eagerly asked the class if anyone was interested in trying out for the new flag football team. Deciding to give it a try, Nacho ended up making the team. From there on, Nacho and football were inseparable.

Years later, Ignazio would find himself eager to start his high school career at United. Nacho approached his freshman year with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and excitement. No sooner had he started his freshman year, when he suffered the first of many detours.

During a 7 on 7 game, as Nacho threw an interception, he went to tackle the interceptor. Nacho and his opponent clashed head to head, breaking his nose and causing him to feel extremely light headed. Nacho was immediately rushed to the hospital where they were able to fix his nose. He was then referred to see Dr. John Puig at Laredo Sports Medicine Clinic. Dr. Puig diagnosed him immediately: Nacho had suffered a concussion and would need to be closely monitored for the next three weeks.

Though that would be the first of three total concussions Ignazio would suffer due to football, he persevered to be a strong athlete and leader in his community. After his final season-ending concussion in 2014, Nacho worked diligently to return to the field working closely with Dr. Puig and his staff and following his programs and regimens.

During the off-season, Dr. Puig cleared him to work out and practice spring ball—four weeks of practicing with fellow teammates. That was enough to keep him motivated to return to play football during his upcoming senior year.

Despite being forced off the field during his high school athletic career, Nacho has still made quite an impact during his time as starting quarterback for United High School. Last November, Nacho broke a city record with 601 passing yards in a game against La-Joya in the bi-district round of the playoffs. Nacho was able to surpass the city and school record that had previously been set by United High School student Alvaro Garcia with 595 in 2006.

Nacho has also received various recognitions for his achievements in football such as the prestigious Dario Hinojosa Memorial Award—an award that is given to an athlete who has excelled in sports, exhibited leadership skills, and is a role model for other athletes in our community. He has also been recognized as the All City MVP. Nacho proudly displays both recognitions on patches on his letterman jacket.

Nacho has a positive outlook for the start of his senior year. With this season’s preparation beginning in late August, Nacho is well aware of the possibility of suffering yet another injury. If this should occur, Nacho faces the real probability of being out for the season, if not forever. Yet, he is remaining optimistic and continues to elevate his skill.

Nacho’s expected graduation date is May of 2016. After graduating, Nacho would like to attend Texas State University or the University of Texas at San Antonio to study Kinesiology. Although he still has an entire school year to weigh his college options, there is one thing he knows for sure: he’d like to continue playing football at the collegiate level. His ultimate goal is to coach football and instill in others the love of the game and impart the leadership skills he’s learned along the way.

Nacho has high hopes for his future and is willing to go anywhere life may lead him.

Inspired by his favorite quarterback, Peyton Manning, he carries Peyton’s wise advice with him until this day,

“If you work hard and you play well, all those critics quiet themselves pretty quickly.”

We’re excited about Nacho’s senior year at United High School. We wish him the best of luck this school year and in all his future aspirations!

LSMC congratulates and is proud to recognize Ignazio “Nacho” Tellez as September’s Spotlight Athlete!

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