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October 2016 Spotlight Athlete Corina Benavides

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“If you don’t love it, don’t do it!”

That’s what this month’s Athlete Spotlight honoree said when asked what her favorite quote was. Laredo Sports Medicine Clinic is proud to introduce Corina Benavides, October 2016’s Spotlight Athlete. Driven, passionate, and very smart are superlatives that describe Corina Benavides to a tee.

LSMC’s October Athlete spotlight features this exceptionally talented Cigarroa Toro multi-sport student competitor. Corina began her sports journey by playing softball at the tender age of six. She played in the Little League programs up to her middle school years. Corina had tremendous influences from her parents she says.

“My dad, Leo Benavides, is a Toro Legend having played football. I hear he was pretty good”

she laughs. She readily admits that her mother, Letty Benavides, was a triple threat as well.

” Mom played Volleyball, ran Cross Country, and Track,”

she says with pride.

Not to be outdone, Corina has had her own stellar career. Her high school sports include participating in Volleyball, Cross Country, Track, and Softball. Ms. Benavides had a great run in volleyball. She played her freshman, sophomore, and junior year. Corina excelled in this sport largely in part because she has been playing since she was in elementary school. Her sophomore year marked her entry into the varsity program where Ms. Benavides was a major contributor to her team’s success. Corina remained on the varsity squad her junior year but elected not to return her senior year to focus on academics and other activities.

Corina’s four-year cross country stint included two trips to Regionals her freshman and sophomore years. She recalled trying out for the team and being pleasantly surprised by her performance.

” I did better than expected my freshman year. I was faster than some veteran runners,”

commented Corina. Her track season was equally successful. Running the distances came naturally to her. While it wasn’t where she excelled, it certainly gave her the necessary stamina and strength for her passion, Softball!

Corina is a softball standout! She has been on the varsity team since her freshman year. Ms. Benavides started her athletic journey with softball at a young age. It’s fitting that she will finish her high school competitions in this sport. She remarked how it was a little intimidating to be the new kid on the block that first year.

“I was a rookie, and the other girls had already been on the team a few years. I wasn’t sure how I was going to fit in”

Corina recalled. Nonetheless, they took her in and made her feel a part of the team from day one! Now she’s the crafty veteran. It’s her turn to give the newbies advice and pointers. It will be a great help. You see; Corina has earned All-District and All-City 2nd baseman honors in 2015 and 2016 respectively. She is hoping for a 1st team selection this year and is working hard to accomplish that. Corina tells her younger teammates,

” Enjoy each game, each catch, each at bat. It will go by so fast. When you’re tired, love the moment, and you’ll carry that the rest of your life.”

We look forward to her 2017 season.

Ms. Benavides is also looking forward to her last academic year at Cigarroa High School in Laredo, Texas. Corina is a National Honor Society Member, Dual Language Enrollment Scholar, and is currently ranked fourth her class.

“I don’t see myself playing softball or any other sport in college. If the opportunity does come, I’ll certainly entertain it. My true focus is becoming a nurse,”

she says with determination. Corina plans on attending UTSA and getting her degree in nursing. She draws a lot of inspiration from her older brother who graduated with his nursing degree from UTSA. When it comes to her education, Corina is passionate about making the grade. She wants to travel someday and help people. When asked if she would ever consider Doctor’s without Borders or a medical relief effort, she quickly says

“Yes. So many of my teammates gave me support and friendship. My parents and brother have provided a lot for me. I’d like to be in a position where I can give back. It’s about paying it forward.”

Corina reflects back on her time in sports and school and says she happy with what she has accomplished so far. Ms. Benavides has loved every minute of it. Remember she said,

“If you don’t love it, don’t do it!”

Judging from all her success to date, Corina Benavides has certainly loved it. And we do too! We at Laredo Sports Medicine Clinic are proud to have her join our family of Spotlight Athletes.

Congratulations again to Corina Benavides LSMC’s October 2016 Athlete Spotlight recipient.

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