November 2015 Spotlight Athlete Alejandra “Ale” Trevino

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November 2015 Spotlight Athlete Alejandra “Ale” Trevino

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Success Above The Net

Laredo Sports Medicine Clinic is proud to announce our spotlight athlete for November 2015…Alejandra “Ale” Trevino! Every athlete’s career takes on a different path. While every story is different, all athletes have one goal in mind: to reach their definition of excellence and success. Ale’s story has been no different.

Ale first developed a minor interest in volleyball in the fourth grade. However, it wasn’t until she was a seventh grader at United Day that her mindset on volleyball became more defined. Ale credits her coach, Selina Garcia, with motivating her and the rest of the volleyball team to work hard and discipline themselves to strive for nothing less than excellence in all areas of their life, from sports to academics. That lesson would greatly impact Ale; it would change her outlook on the game of volleyball.

For the rest of her middle school years, Ale began working harder when it came to sports. Her coach’s words resonated in her mind every time Ale stepped onto the volleyball court. Ale slowly began gaining confidence and excelling in her chosen sport.

As Ale transitioned into high school in 2012, she was ready to take on volleyball at a different level. As fate would have it, her new coach at Alexander High School would be none other than her previous coach from United Day, Selina Garcia. Ale was excited to have someone that inspired her so much be there with her through her high school years.

After developing her skills during her freshman year, Ale was ready for an even bigger challenge: the varsity team. Joining the varsity volleyball team as a sophomore allowed her more playing time. She had also earned a new title: Defensive Specialist (DS). A Defensive Specialist’s responsibilities include digging out drives and smashes, setting up teammates and returning serves. DS’s are known for their quick reflexes and their willingness to dive and dig for anything they can reach. Ale rose to the challenge and was eager to fulfill her responsibilities as a DS so that she wouldn’t let down herself or her teammates.

Ale’s hard work and determination paid off. Ale is now a senior and the Captain of the Alexander volleyball team. When she’s not on the volleyball court, she is driven in the classroom, maintaining straight A’s in all of her classes. Ale is making the most of her senior year as a member of the HB1 program. This program allows students to be enrolled in dual courses at Laredo Community College and graduate from high school with college hours under their belt. When Ale graduates in 2016, she will have 21+ college hours that will be transferrable to any university in Texas and be certified to work as a nursing assistant.

Ale plans on attending Baylor University where she wants to pursue a dental degree. Passionate about giving people a confident and beautiful smile, her ultimate goal is to become an Endodontist.

Ale knows she still has a long way to go to get to where she wants to be. Yet, she is thankful for that fateful day when her coach would give her the words that would influence her to work hard, stay focused, and remain on a steadfast path to excel in anything she puts her mind to.

As she takes a moment to ponder on her volleyball and academic career, Ale has this to say,

“I can honestly say volleyball is the highlight of my year. There have been occasions of self-doubt, and overwhelming piles of homework that have made me feel as though I was drowning. However, I never let my head sink below the water. Any shadow of despair was quickly dashed by the passion I feel for this sport. Being a great athlete is not a hardship; it is a journey that I personally would never trade for anything else. Being an athlete has helped shape who I am today.”

LSMC congratulations and is proud to recognize Alejandra “Ale” Trevino as November’s Spotlight Athlete!

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