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June Spotlight Athlete Karla Gabriela Resendez

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“I’m meant to run,”

said this month’s Athlete Spotlight. She loves the mental toughness cross country running takes to be successful. We are proud to announce Karla Gabriela Resendez from United South High School as Laredo Sports Medicine’s Athlete Spotlight 2017 for June!

Karla started her days as a freshman athlete out on the course for Cross Country practice at 6:30 A.M. Practice ended at 7:30 A.M., so she had just enough time to shower and rush off to class. She then went through all of her classes. Once two thirty rolled around, it was time to get ready for her afternoon practices. Volleyball practice started at three and went to 4:05 PM then she went straight to Track & Field practice until 6:00 PM. She continued this routine throughout the school year. She recalls being exhausted all the time and how hard it was to get used to this grueling schedule. However, this was not the only thing demanding her attention.

During her first years of high school, she tried to find her self-confidence but was fighting against people seeking to break her down. Bullying from unexpected circles hindered her growth at first but evolved into motivation to push through this period of high school and encouraged her to take pride in her journey. The hike to inner strength, started her freshman year by qualifying in the Track & Field Area qualifier in the 800-meter run, and the 4 x 400-meter run. The ball continued to roll her sophomore with gaining her letter in both volleyball and cross-country. She advanced her growth by placing 12th in her District Cross-Country Meet. Karla missed moving on to regionals by two spots. However, her work was not done. This year she also qualified for the Area Qualifier in Pole Vault, 4×400-Meter Relay (breaking the school record at the district meet), and qualified in the 4×400-Meter Run.

Resendez exploded with accomplishments in her junior year. She was a Cross Country Regional Qualifier, part of the team that broke their previous 4×400-Meter Relay in District, Qualified in the Area for the Pole Vault, 800-meter run, and the 4×400-Meter run. Resendez moved on to Regionals for Pole Vault and the 800-meter run.

Following these accomplishments, she didn’t disappoint into her senior year. Karla made it to the Area Qualifier for Pole vault and the 800-meter. She did not stop there. Resendez pushed on to Regionals for the 800-meter and Cross Country. She earned the title of the “United ISD City Champ 800-Meter Runner”. Resendez also earned a spot on the First Team All-District for Cross Country.

The quote,

“Nothing’s impossible, the word itself is I’m possible,”

was very influential through Karla’s journey to greatness. Dealing with her insecurities and growth through all the obstacles she endured, this quote and her parents pushed her through. Her mom and dad taught her that confidence is key. The quote mentioned above was instrumental in her evolution to the Karla we know and love today. It helped her believe that “I’m possible and I can accomplish my goals.”

Looking back, she recalls her motivation and the main driving force of her success was her parents’ support. Her parents always told her that, “with hard work and dedication you can accomplish anything.” Their words and the support they showed by coming to every game and meets, drove her to make them proud.

Not only has Karla has been a stand out on the course, but she is also a stand out in her classroom and the class of 2017, as well. She has devoted much of her class schedules to a heavy load of AP courses. Throughout these more challenging courses, Resendez has kept a GPA high enough to be a part of the National Honor Society for her entire high school career. She was also the President of her class her freshman year and Vice President for the remaining three years. Karla has logged over 80 ours of community service in her hometown of Laredo, Texas. She has received countless distinguishable awards throughout her high school career. These awards include the United States Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete Award Latin American National Sports Hall of Fame for outstanding accomplishments in sports award. Also, the same year, Karla received the United States Marine Corps Distinguished Athlete of 2017.

In the future, Karla plans on attending Texas A&M International on a scholarship to follow her dreams of running at a more competitive level. Resendez plans on becoming a track and field or cross country coach. Karla wants to help student athletes, from her hometown, to accomplish their academic and athletic aspirations.

We are so proud of Karla Gabriela Resendez, and it is our honor to recognize her as Laredo Sports Medicine Clinic’s June 2017 Spotlight Athlete. We are so excited to see what all she will accomplish in her future.

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