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February/March Spotlight Athlete Henry Mejia

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Laredo Sports Medicine Clinic and Power PT are proud to announce our February/March Spotilight Athlete Deacon Henry Mejia

Laredo Sports Medicine treats athletes from all sports and of all ages. It also recognizes those athletes who make significant contributions to their sport, activity and community. Every once in a while, the need to recognize an athlete, that does not fit the usual mold, presents itself.

Allow us to introduce the February-March Spotlight Athlete…Deacon Henry Mejia. This former United Longhorn football standout has proven to be an ageless athlete. His story of faith, strong mind, and a ready body is one worth telling. This consummate giver and community pillar has faced adversity and successfully overcome it.

Henry’s odyssey begins on a treadmill in 2012. While doing his usual routine walks one day, Henry’s knee begins to cause him severe pain. The pain worsens as time goes on, limiting Henry’s ability to walk or bend his knee without discomfort. After consulting his primary care physician, an MRI reveals a torn meniscus and degenerating cartilage. Henry is referred to a surgeon who recommends surgery to repair the knee.

Henry Mejia decides to seek a second opinion. Enter Dr. John Puig and Laredo Sports Medicine Clinic. Dr. Puig carefully lays out a plan to have Henry see a world-renowned specialist in San Antonio as part of his evaluation and treatment. The specialist recommends a course of action that includes a three-week process to inject a synthetic synovial fluid into Henry’s knee. This world-class doctor tells Henry the best doctor for this process is in Laredo, Dr. John Puig.

Laredo Sports Medicine and Power PT begin the regimen of injection and physical therapy for three weeks. The plan works to perfection. Furthermore, the physical therapy spurs Henry to increase his physical activity. Henry joins G7 Fitness and begins a diet and exercise program. 18 months later and Henry Mejia is thriving. His knee is doing great and he feels the benefits of a full recovery and the exercise routines.

But as fate would have it, Henry would soon face another health challenge.

During a routine stroke scan sponsored by his church, San Martin de Porres, Henry’s scan shows an anomaly in his throat area. Over the next few months, Henry begins a battery of tests to determine what his condition or possible ailment may be. Meanwhile, Henry Mejia presses onward as he prepares for his ordination as a deacon in the Catholic Church. This has been a six-year spiritual journey to achieve this most prestigious position.

On the night before the Ordination ceremony, Henry Mejia receives a call from his doctor. For just a moment, Henry sits and reflects on his diagnosis; cancer. The tests have revealed a mass in his thyroid and his doctors are recommending removal. On the morning of October 4 2014, Henry Mejia becomes a Deacon. Throughout the weekend he celebrates his ordination with family and friends.

Unbeknownst to even some of his closest friends and colleagues, Henry prepares for his battle. Faith stronger than ever, body prepared for the fight, his mindset fixed on a successful outcome, Deacon Henry Mejia begins this arduous journey to recovery. Athletes have a way of viewing all challenges as competition. They muster their strength and often will themselves to win. Deacon Henry, the athlete, knows what’s ahead, and draws from his days as a young football talent to overcome this new life challenge.

First the surgery to remove the mass and then Deacon Henry will have radiation therapy to complete the treatment. The surgery is successful. Deacon Mejia is now waiting for his radiation treatment. While on a strict diet, Henry returns to his cross fitness workouts at G7.

Round two, the radiation is postponed as the illness has spread to the surrounding area. Undaunted, Henry prays harder and exercises harder. G7 and LSMC have done a great job of getting him ready, albeit unknowingly, for this fight. “

Deacon Mejia had his cancerous growth removed successfully. Henry credits his quick recovery and his ability to start his radiation therapy, to the time spent at the gym exercising and getting physically fit.

“Henry Mejia came to us with a history of knee pain. Through Henry’s feedback, and the recommendation from his doctors at Laredo Sports Medicine, we developed an exercise program that allowed Henry to enjoy and benefit from our small group classes,” said Roberto Garza, G7 General Manager.

Today, Deacon Henry Mejia has returned to his workouts at G7. He is continuing his love of theater as a member of the Laredo Theater Guild International. Also, Deacon Henry Mejia continues to minister to the faithful as a deacon at San Martin de Porres Church. His favorite past time is being with his beautiful wife and children.

Deacon Mejia pensively remarks,

“I was always a strong minded individual. However, I couldn’t have been ready for this moment had it not started with LSMC. My knee had healed and I had completed my physical therapy. It was those things that led me to start a more rigorous exercise program. It prepared my body for this challenge. I was already on a spiritual journey but now I had my mind, my body, and my spirit ready for this fight. I know God had His hand in everything throughout this time. He put all these great doctors and trainers in my path so that I could overcome this challenge. ”

LSMC is honored and privileged to recognize Deacon Henry Mejia for his tenacity, his giving spirit and for the inspiration he gives all who face difficult times.

Congratulations Deacon Henry Mejia from your friends at Laredo Sports Medicine Clinic and Power PT.

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