February 2017 Spotlight Athlete Jose “Tommy” Munoz

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February 2017 Spotlight Athlete Jose “Tommy” Munoz

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When you start running at a very young age, you’re probably going to be running for the rest of your life. That is true for Laredo Sports Medicine Clinic’s February spotlight athlete. We are proud to introduce our February Athlete Spotlight honoree, Jose “Tommy” Munoz.

Jose “Tommy” Munoz is a senior at United High School. He’s been running since he was nine years old. Tommy is now an accomplished runner who is in the middle of his senior year on the United High School cross country track team. Tommy started playing sports at a young age, joining a youth soccer team. “I played soccer and ran track all the way to my eighth-grade year,” says Tommy.

“In soccer, you’re constantly running up and down the field, and a that led to me deciding that cross country was something in which I could excel,”

he explained.

With all the demands of high school, Tommy focused his competitive energies solely on cross country. Mr. Munoz runs up to 60 miles a week, often waking at 6 am on a school day to get in his training. After school, he returns to the course and logs a few more runs in the evening. Tommy states,

” There is never a day off. I am either running or getting stronger every day.”

His accolades are a testament to his work ethic. In 2012, he raced in the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) area and regional meets and placed 2nd and 3rd to qualify to the AAU Junior Olympics. Tommy qualified to the Games in the 3000m event. He excelled in the following year to gain a spot at USA TRACK & FIELD Cross Country Junior Olympic National Qualifiers in San Antonio, TX.

Tommy raced in a 3.2km run at the regional meet and placed in the top 15 to qualify for Nationals. From the District of 29-6A, only ten runners are selected for the All-Star. In 2015, he was one of them to be chosen. I ran for the Far West All-Star Team. Tommy’s team placed second against all the ranked runners of the Rio Grande Valley. This year the United High School Cross Country team and Tommy placed third at the District 29 6A meet. This achievement secured for them a spot at the regional tournament. United High School’s cross country team had not accomplished this since 1998.

Tommy has had a great four years at United. He now plans on pursuing a degree at the University of Texas – Permian Basin in Odessa, Texas. He will be running on their team as a scholarship recipient. Tommy wants to major in athletic training and use his degree to work in a sports team environment. He wants to be able to help other athletes achieve their success. He’s focused on training and preparedness his entire career. Tommy says

“I did not have any injuries these last four years. I think it was because I trained, ate well, stayed hydrated, rested, and I listened to my body,”

remarked Tommy. Not surprisingly, the doctors at Laredo Sports Medicine Clinic all agree that prevention through education and preparation are essential to any athletic endeavor.

Tommy adds,

“I learned a lot from my father and mother who are athletes themselves. My dad is one of my heroes. He’s always been there for me. In all things, he supports me.”

Tommy also has looked up to runners like Steve Prefontaine and Billy Mills. He marvels at their work ethic and determination. Tommy offers this advice to other young up and coming athletes.

“Keep running! Don’t be lazy! Work at it and don’t ever skip practice”

he says. He remembers his father’s advice. If you work hard, there is always a reward at the finish line.

There is no doubt that this young man will be running for life and his rewards are on the horizon. The doctors and staff at Laredo Sports Medicine Clinic are proud to recognize Jose “Tommy” Munoz as the honoree for LSMC’s Athlete Spotlight for February 2017. Congratulations Tommy on a well-deserved honor.

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