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December 2016 Spotlight Athlete Jacob McCoy

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Never Give Up

“Never give up” may sound cliché but it’s a truth that has stood the test of time. When faced with adversity, Laredo Sports Medicine’s December Spotlight Athlete will tell you that nothing else but a sustained effort will get you through it. That is why Laredo Sports Medicine Clinic is proud to introduce Jacob McCoy as the December 2016 Spotlight Athlete.

Jacob McCoy has been involved in sports since his school days at Ryan Elementary in Laredo, Texas. Flag Football and Basketball were his first sports, and since then he has been a driven young man. From kindergarten to this very day, Jacob has carried those early lessons about never giving up and about keeping onward towards your goal. All he learned in those first years would play a significant role in his return from a traumatic first adversity.

His love of football carried him onto Jacob’s high school varsity team at J.W. Nixon High School. It was during the junior year’s spring practice that Jacob McCoy would face a serious setback. After a hard hit during team drills, Jacob felt a loss of hearing in his left ear. Jacob dismissed the sensation and continued with the practice. Later in the day, during class, Jacob began to slur his speech. Unable to communicate effectively, he struggled to tell his classmates what he was feeling. Things worsened quickly from there. Jacob could not walk without assistance. Friends rushed him to the school nurse who immediately began to investigate his condition. An ambulance was called. The nurse informed his mother and Jacob was taken to the hospital. Following a series of tests and a CT scan, young Jacob’s diagnosis was a concussion.

According to the doctors at Laredo Sports Medicine in Laredo, Texas, a concussion from a hard hit to the head is a dangerous incident. While concussions have become commonplace in football, it is still critical to apply the proper medical attention and follow established concussion protocols. A strict recovery protocol is key to a successful return. Jacob would have to sit out for a time to heal.

“Those days off the field were hard. I wondered if I would ever play the sport I love again”

said an anxious Jacob. He followed his medical team’s instructions to the letter. He worked hard during his recovery period. His never give up attitude and persistent effort paid off. Jacob McCoy returned to join his Mustang squad for the 2016-2017 season. And what a season it was!! Jacob McCoy was part of the District 31-5A champions. They won their first playoff game since 2005 against Lopez High. The season came to an end with a heartbreaker against Eagle Pass CC Winn. It was a difficult 10 – 6 loss. Nonetheless, Jacob and his team had a magnificent season.

Now, Laredo Sports Medicine Clinic recognizes student-athletes who exemplify that indomitable spirit off the field as well. Jacob McCoy applies that very same determined attitude to his academic endeavors. He’s been a member of the National Honor Society for three years. Jacob has been the recipient of the J.W. Nixon Triple-A award that recognizes his Attendance, Academics, and Attitude. He participated in UIL in his sophomore and junior years. Mr. McCoy also played basketball and ran track and cross country in his firs years in high school.

Jacob has been very active in his community too. He is a member of the San Martin de Porres and St. Augustine youth groups. Jacob is an Altar server at Blessed Sacrament Church. When not pursuing his school and community interest, this excellent young man enjoys playing the drums and piano as well as traveling.

Jacob plans on attending a four-year university to study business administration. He diligently works to maintain an A average in all his classes.

“So far I’m on the right track. I will keep working hard to reach my goal, and I’ll never give up”

Jacob says proudly.

Laredo Sports Medicine Clinic has no doubt that Jacob will continue to pursue his dreams. We are proud of Jacob McCoy, and it is our honor to recognize him as Laredo Sports Medicine’s December 2016 Spotlight Athlete.

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