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August Spotlight Athlete Adriana Valdez

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“Doesn’t matter what age you are, anyone can make it,”

said the eight-year-old, August 2017 Spotlight athlete. Laredo Sports Medicine Clinic is pleased to announce August 2017 Spotlight Athlete is Adriana Valdez! Even at such a young age, Valdez is a leader to her peers during recess and athletic competitions.

This young athlete grew up chasing her older sister’s athletic talents, Carla Flores, a Lady Toro basketball player at Cigarroa High School. In first grade, Adriana’s teachers and P.E. coaches started noticing her motivation and leadership during physical activities. She was always eager to act on any advice or direction that was given by her coaches. Children are often active and love being involved in any athletic activity. However, Adriana stood out because of her leadership, support of teammates, and hard work. The coaches allowed her to compete in track a year earlier than normal.

This early start exposed Adriana to struggles she had never faced before. Being smaller and younger than surrounding athletes, in an individual sport, was challenging. However, it did not matter to her. She persevered through the adversity to prove to herself and others that she could reach her goals. Her mother always starts the day off with the words, “you can do it,” and Adriana responds, “yes I can.” With just a few official practices, she attended a track meet and placed 2nd in the 15-meter run. Following this performance, she strived to beat herself, each practice, and would often put in extra work to be the best. Valdez’s mother recalls her daughter often asking for extra training and rides to the track to get better. Because of her hard work, the next competition, she beat her previous time and grasped a 1stplace title for the 15-meter run in her age division. Her passion is track, but she continues participating in all sports alongside her teammates with the same drive and determination that she so diligently displays when she is running.

When she was asked what sport she liked best, she responded, “any that are in season.”

Soon after track season ended, Valdez started practiced for volleyball, then basketball. In second grade, her volleyball and basketball teams took home City Championships in both sports, in her age division. Not only did both teams bring home a championship, but each team also finished their season with undefeated records, thanks to efforts from Valdez. After her outstanding performance on the basketball court, Valdez was asked to be a part of a local traveling team. This young woman is a stand out because of her athletic talent, but all the people around her including coaches and teammates continue to be impressed by her ability to help her teammates succeed. The example of exceptional work ethic she displays inspires young athletes around her. Adriana’s age puts her in a rare situation where her compassion drives her dedication to teammates. She knows the struggles of falling behind and working past them to become better every day. She continues to push the girls around her as go through the same struggles like the ones she faced, but unlike she was, they are not alone.

Adriana Valdez is also a distinguished and disciplined student, as well. Throughout the beginning of her scholastic career, Valdez has already earned many awards that are not given out easily. She’s received Top Student, which is only given to one hard working student in each grade. Recognition once a year wasn’t enough for her, she clenched Student of the Month. The Perfect Attendance award was also in her arsenal, accompanied by the Accelerated Reader Award and the Principal’s Award. This award-studded beginning paves the way for a remarkable path of education for Miss Valdez. Her plans contain “more winning and to become a doctor.”

We are so proud of Adriana Valdez, and it is our honor to recognize her as Laredo Sports Medicine Clinic’s August 2017 Spotlight Athlete. We are so excited to see what path she chooses and what all she will accomplish in her future.

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