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About LSMC

Laredo Sports Medicine Clinic is the premier orthopedic care provider in South Texas. LSMC provides orthopedic care, sports medicine, physical therapy and medical services in Laredo, Texas.

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Excellent service!! Dr Potty is very thorough with his procedures and excellent follow-up! I’ve had two surgeries and have had a fast and great recovery! PT personnel is the best. Danny Cantu 01/02/2018
Truly grateful to Dr Puig for caring for my son since the moment of his injury. LSMC has great, amazing professional staff and Dr Explains everything with great detail. Olga Montoya 11/11/2017
Dr.Anish Potty is seeing my newborn, treating her club foot and so far it's been awesome she's improving a lot still a long way to go but we are getting there, and with Dr.Potty help even better. Thank you all at Laredo Sports Clinic. Irene Martinez 15/07/2017
Best Sports Medicine Doctor and Rehab Clinic Ever, wonderful attention and support to my daughter Gaby! Myriam Elizalde 03/12/2016

LSMC Services

  • In House X-Ray

    Our facility is staffed and equipped to provide x-rays for the convenience and comfort of our patients.

  • Bracing and Casting

    Our providers brace and cast right here in our offices. We have access to slings, crutches, boots and braces in our facility to assist our patients in their treatment.

  • Sports Physicals

    All local schools require sports physicals. LSMC has been providing affordable sports physicals to our student-athletes from UISD, LISD, and surrounding schools.

  • Injections

    From steroid shots to advanced stem cell therapy injections, LSMC can deliver these treatments in our office.